Area hotels fill up early, so make reservations well in advance if possible. Please be sure to mention that you’re attending the Chuckwagon Races. Many area innkeepers offer discounts for attendees.


$75 for Wednesday-Sunday.

Additional days are $10 per day.

With Horses

Out of state campers that plan to bring equine, Arkansas Law now requires you to bring health papers for entry.

All campers camp in the same place as they did the previous year. Campers should have a green camp sign on a tree in their area with name, address, and phone number. If you camp in the middle of the field, bring your sign with you every year and put it on a panel or your camper trailer. Someone from your camp must be in the camp no later than Tuesday prior to the races. If not, you risk losing your spot. Permanent campers may come in to clean up their spots, set up their trailers, panels, etc. on August 15 every year. The gates are open for permanent campers from 6 a.m. on August 15 until the FRIDAY before opening day on Saturday. No overnight camping is permitted until the Saturday opening day.

New campers can find a site the day they come in to stay. Do not take a spot that has a green sign or one that has been mowed, has panels set up, or otherwise looks as if someone is coming in to camp. To reserve that site for the next year(s), go to the West Gate on the final Sunday morning before 8 a.m. and request a green sign. That will guarantee your camping spot.


All contestants and campers must wear an armband. This is a horse and wagon event. Use them to travel around the ranch. Leave your vehicles at camp.

  • Vehicles permitted only to get to the starting line and walk to the top after the performances and Saturday and Sunday mornings until 12:00 noon OR to get water and use the showers
  • No four-wheelers, motorcycles, or ATVs
  • No cruising
  • No driving after midnight
  • No loud music after midnight
  • No drunkenness, arguing, or fighting
  • Keep your camps clean-take all trash with you when you leave
  • Don’t leave campfire rocks or wood-move them to the fence rows
  • The track and the Snowy River Race course are CLOSED except during the performance
  • Shirts must be worn outside of camp


There are a limited number of hook-ups with electricity and water. Equine are not allowed in this area. Campers who had a spot with electricity and water the previous year have first right of refusal. They will have until July 4 to reserve their spot for the upcoming race. Any spots that have not been reserved will be available for new campers. The cost is $75 for Wednesday-Sunday. Additional days are $10 per day. Golf carts or motorized ATVs are permitted in the non-equine camping area on top. They must be parked in the assigned parking area and not driven up and down the midway.